Programme up to the end of August 2024
Tuesday 11th July 2023

Extra Meeting Tuesday 18th July 2023
A visit from Downend Camera Club
DPI Battle

Tuesday 25th July 2023


Tuesday 12th September 2023
Introductory Meeting and Presentation of Awards
Members to bring some images taken during the Summer

Tuesday 26th September 2023
‘Street Photography My Way’
Presented Peter Crane ARPS

Tuesday 10th October 2023
‘Table Top Practical Evening’ by Linda Meaton
Bring your cameras

Tuesday 24th October 2023
‘My Photographic Journey’
Presented by Derwood Pamphilon ARPS DPAGB EIAP
Hand in Print competition entries.

Tuesday 31st October 2023 (5th Tuesday)
‘Members’ Presentations’
by Rachel, Jeff, Roy and Anita

Tuesday 14th November 2023
Competition No. 1 Print ‘Water’ and ‘Open’
Judged by Lee Spencer - Fleet

Tuesday 28th November 2023
Zoom Meeting ‘Mono Vision’ In the Hall
Presented by Brian Northmore
Hand in 5 DPIs for A or B Competition

Tuesday 12th December 2023
Christmas Party and A or B competition
Bring along goodies to eat.

Tuesday 9th January 2024
The second half of ‘Shooting People’ (Not literally)
Presented by Mike Martin AWPF, EFIAP
Send in Projected Image for Comp 2

Tuesday 23rd January 2024
‘Every Step I Take’
Presented by Heidi Stewart

Tuesday 30th January 2024 ( 5th Tuesday)
Competition 2 DPI ‘Food and/or Drink’ + ‘Open’
Judged by Simon Caplan LRPS

Tuesday 13th February 2024
‘Welcome to the Show’
A Presentation by Peter Weaver APAGBA CPAGB LRPS
Send in Print & DPI Competition Entries (3 of each Max)

Tuesday 27th February 2024
Can you tell the work of Great Photographers?'
A presentation by Robert Phelps

Tuesday 12th March 2024
Competition No.3 ‘Monochrome’ Print and DPI
Judged by Ian Gearing

Tuesday 26th March 2024
A Zoom Presentation ‘Architectural Photography’
by Thomas Peck To be viewed in the Hall
Hand in Print competition entries.

Tuesday 9th April 2024
‘WAVES Audio Visual Presentations’
Presented by Peter Rose CPAGB

Tuesday 23rd April 2024
Competition No. 4 Print ‘Trees’ and ‘Open’
Judged by Pete McCloskey APAGB FRPS

Tuesday 30th April 2024 (5th Tuesday)
‘Photography Versus Painting’
Presented by Robert Phelps
Send in Projected Image Competition Entries

Tuesday 14th May 2024
We will view the ‘WCPF Travelling Print Portfolio’

Tuesday 28th May 2024
Competition No. 5 DPI ‘Places of Worship’ and ‘Open’
Judged by Grete Howard ARPS

Tuesday 11th June 2024
‘Annual Review’ - Election of Committee and Officers
Let us hear your views and suggestions.

Tuesday 25th June 2024
Exchange Visit from Downend C C

Tuesday 9th July 2024
Outing ?

Tuesday 23rd July 2024
Outing ?